Narożnik 2 punktowy TRI-SYSTEM

Narożnik 2 punktowy TRI-SYSTEM

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Tri-system - 2-punktowy travers aluminiumiowy do tworzenia konstrukcji - narożnik 2 punktowy

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50,00 zł za 1 dobę WYNAJMU



TRISYSTEM ALUTRUSS - niemiecki system łatwy w montażu (beczułki), posiadający CERTYFIKATY BEZPIECZEŃSTWA TUV NORD, 50mm aluminium ((travers aluminiowy 3-punktowy).

Waga: ok. 4kg metr aluminium

System idealny do tworzenia stoisk targowych, instalacji oświetleniowych na koncertach, pokazach mody, występach teatralnych.

TRISYSTEM PST 3-point truss system:
  TRISYSTEM PST is a 3-point truss system made of aluminum. The individual elements are connected via three tube fasteners and two M8 bolts and nuts.
  The three main chords are made of 50 mm aluminum tube with 2 mm wall thickness and offer a good relation between strength and weight. The braces have a diameter of 16 mm with 2 mm wall thickness and leave enough space for installing couplers, hooks and clamps.
  With 263 and 238 mm outer dimensions, TRISYSTEM PST is a relatively compact truss system for higher loads. TRISYSTEM PST is mainly designed for permanent installations in shops, discotheques and theatres.
  By using the optional rapid snap connectors, this system can also be used for fair installations and event installations.
  Altogether a universal truss system impressing with its wide range of standard system lengths, corners and accessory.
  All elements of this truss system comply with the high standards for building material required by German legislation ("Ubereinstimmungsverordnung"). Fulfilling these standards is documented via the U-mark on every ALUTRUSS element.
  The documentation of this truss system is closely related to the Codes of Practice SQ P1 - Truss Systems published by the VPLT/PLASA. The load table as calculation base can be downloaded from the Internet before buying the product!
  The production of this truss system is TUV-monitored. This standard is documented via the TUV-mark on every straight.
  Please note: this truss system must never be combined with other systems!

High-quality truss system

  • Extreme stability
  • High-quality aluminum-tubes with 50 mm in diameter
  • Easy installation
  • Low weight
  • Distance center - center: horizontal 203 mm, vertical 176 mm
  • For exhibition and shop installers, discotheque and theatre installations
  • Wysokość 4m
  • Waga 22kg
  • Szerokość 1,5m

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